4 Essential Oils Every Household Needs

There are several things that we, God’s creatures have in common and some of them are not very comfortable.  We are blessed with the ability to be aware of our 5 senses.  Some argue that there are more than 5 and I am one of them, but let’s list the ones that we know.

  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Hearing
  • Smell
  • Taste

All of these are directly linked to our central nervous system.  We are able to experience all of them at the same time and sometimes this can be overwhelming.  Our brain interprets that feeling as stress.  Stress can lead to a feeling of anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of appetite and sometimes depression.  Ain’t nobody got time for that. Lol

Thankfully we can treat most of the above sensations with natural oils extracted directly from God’s lovely earth.  Essential oils can be a topic that is mysterious to some of you but let me break it down for you.  Let’s take Lavender for example.  We all know that lavender is a type of flower.  This flower is harvested from the plant and processed to remove the natural oils from it.  The oil from lavender is the most common essential oil.  Now let’s “treat” our stressors and I will add one more to the list.

  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Lack of appetite
  • Depression
  • Stuffiness

Our example of LAVENDER is one of the 4 essential oils that we all should have.  It is known to soothe the soul.  A few drops on your pillow at night can help with anxiety which is the most common reason for sleeplessness.  My favorite way to use this essential oil is to sprinkle it on my feminine handkerchiefs and tie it around my wrist.  A bandana works too.

PEPPERMINT essential oil is wonderful for enhancing your appetite if you are feeling under the weather.  It is not overwhelming and can soothe the tummy simply by inhaling the scent.  Please don’t get confused and try to eat it.  Essential oils are not for consumption and some of them need a carrier oil to hold the extracts before you apply them to your skin.  I pretty much stick to inhaling the vapors.  PEPPERMENT is excellent for helping relieve stuffiness too.  A little dab will do it.

Depression can be troublesome for all ages.  An oil diffuser with ORANGE oil mixed with SAGE oil is a safe and simple way to lift the spirits for the whole household.  I like to mix MINT and LAVENDER together for an evening lift and ORANGE with MINT for a daytime lift.

There are so many more oils and so many more uses for them.  I think I have maybe 15 little bottles of them to mix and match to create different blends for pleasure and for health reasons.   I use sweet almond oil for a carrier.

Essential oils can be used by many methods.

  • There are many carrier oils out there ranging from olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil & even castor oil. These and more are mixed with the essential oils to apply to your skin.
  • Essential oils mixed with water can be put in a misting bottle and sprayed into the air and even on your sheets. I love my lavender oil spray to mist my sheets right before I go to bed.
  • My favorite way to use essential oils is with a diffuser. The diffuser that I use is plugged into an outlet, has a reservoir for water and essential oils.  It works by turning the liquid into a vapor and using a fan to push the vapor into the room.  I don’t even pretend to know how the liquid is turned into a vapor. lol

Pinterest is a great place to obtain more knowledge of essential oils and some fun “recipes” for wonderful mixes.  Connect with me on Pinterest   HERE and explore our About Your Health Essential oils pins.

I just know that you know more than I do about essential oils, so if you want to please share with the class, please do. Lol

Ta ta for now,   Beth


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