A New Twist On An Old Idea

 I have spent year after year setting New Year resolutions and most of the time I have come way short.  Many years I have felt so defeated about my goals that I don’t even participate in setting them the next year.  I use the excuse that it’s so cliché.  This is not what God wants for me.

The bottom line is that I have either set my expectations beyond my ability or have flaked out on what it takes to achieve them.  Weight loss takes exercise.  New jobs take research and applications.  Some new jobs take additional education.  Nothing will ever change if I don’t change the way I work. 


I don’t know if you have heard of the new twist on New Year’s resolutions.  The idea is that less is more.  If making resolutions that focus on the result is not working for you, set your sight on the root of the action.  The results should come naturally. 

The new twist that I am talking about is a Word of the Year.  Finding your word will take prayer, deep reflection and a true desire to narrow down what you want to focus on.  Some ideas are: Faith, Relaxation, Sacrifice, Perseverance, Focus, Consciousness and Cheerfulness.  Pinterest has some great pins with more ideas. Check out this great post on Pinterest.

It’s alright if it takes you a while to pick the one that speaks to your soul.  It may be absolutely clear to some of us.  Mine took a few weeks to narrow down the word that best described what I felt I needed to focus on.  The reason we pick our word of focus will be different for each of us.

Let me give you one example.  You feel that you need to work on your marriage.  Take the time to analyze what the root of the problem is.  If there is more than one reason, right down the reasons that you come up with.  What is the most urgent?  Is it communication, intimacy, trust, or forgiveness or is it something else?  I will pick trust for this example.  So trust is the Word of the Year. 

Now what?  Celebrate it!   Research it!  Contemplate it!

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