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RESIZED ABOUT US - Beth and Cami heads raised-1697

       She's                                                              She's…
A little bit city                                          A little bit country
A little bit Northwestern                                A little bit Southern
A little bit Left                                             A little bit Right
A little bit grungy                                        A little bit kitschy
A little bit spicy                                            A little bit sweet
A little bit raw                                            A little bit refined
A little bit curious                                         A little bit content
A little bit intense                                         A little bit calming

ABOUT US - Beth and Cami sitting-1750 (2)_filtered

                              Beth Bayer  - Founder & CEO     Cami Bayer - Co-Founder & CEO



  •  LOVE: the Lord; living life (the good, the bad & even the ugly); love; laughter; family; friends; music; & many, many more wonders…

  •  FEEL: that ultimately tolerance is the answer; that we both have “a couple dents in our fenders” (courtesy of [paraphrased] lyrics by Francesca Battestelli); “we smile cause we just got away with something ever since Grace Got Us” (courtesy of [paraphrased] lyrics by Mercy Me); “our heart breaks for what breaks His, everything we are for His Kingdom’s cause” (courtesy of [paraphrased] lyrics by Hillsong)…

  •  SEARCH: for the meaning and lesson in absolutely everything (even in an event like falling out of the tub on a relaxing Friday morning; for our keys, our cell phones, our remote controls…

  •  ARE: Sisters by marriage, BFF’s by choice; Mamas; Wives; Survivors, saved by Grace; Virgos; full-on Highly Sensitive Persons/Empaths; fiercely loyal; passionate; tolerant; champions for the underdogs; tireless household managers; sarcastic/humorous despite ourselves; DEZINES2AMAZE, Devine & Dezined in HIS Image...

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