Sharing A Day at Swafford Pond and Morton, WA

I was just looking at the pictures that I took today while John and I were fishing at Swafford Pond.  I thought I would share my day with you.  This morning we just hung out at the homestead.  John did some yard work and I watched some TV.  We don't have TV here but we

The Road That Leads to Home

I spent over an hour trying to find this poem online and was quite shocked that I couldn't.  My daughter Melissa has an old copy of Ideals Magazine from May of 1963.  This poem is in the Magazine. I had to make this image and text on Canva.  I do like it though. I felt

A Selection of Homestead Healthy Crafts

Have you been over to the Homestead Healthy Crafts Board on Dezines2amaze's Pinterest account?  It is crammed packed with homemade crafts.  The board include pins on how to make homemade soap, lotions and scrubs.  There are pins on holistic treatment of pain and feelings of sadness plus there are pins  on unorthodox uses of apple