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I’ve noticed that there is a huge trend out there to document almost our every move. Facebook is filled with little quips about what we did today, sometimes even what our pet did today. Really, no joke. LOL

I love the ability to keep in touch with your friends and family moment to moment. I have a Facebook account and many of you are following D2A’s posts and thank you for that. Our blog editing platform has a feature that posts our blog posts automatically on our Facebook timeline. Nice. Facebook accounts allow for calendar posts, group activities, timelines through life and relationships, plus a live feed for comments and at the top of the page Facebook itself seems to ask you “____, what is on your mind?” I guess this gives permission to the billion some odd people who have Facebook accounts to post something about their cute kittens if that is what is on their minds.  I love this. <3 

I remember about 15 years ago the MySpace social media explosion. Here was a platform that allowed us to express our creative side and change the graphics to match our style, season, or even mood. I can remember wondering how inserting a little paragraph of gobbledygook between sentences could make such a magical transformation.
¬¬On MySpace we uploaded our pictures from our trips, posted pictures of our kids and posted memes when we didn’t even know what a meme was. Unfortunately for me, I forgot my password, username combination and they do not have an updated way to discover what it was. Sigh… all those pictures and memories….

I personally do not have a Twitter or Instagram account. I feel I already have too many social media accounts to keep up with. I believe Cami has an Instagram account though. I consider Instant Messaging a type of social media too. Back and forth go the many messages and pictures, smiles and other symbols called an emoji. There are times when I almost jump out of my skin when my phone alerts me of a new text message. Who, what, why, when?

One of my favorite social media platforms is Pinterest. Pinterest allows us to express ourselves with color, tastes, craftiness, hobbies, foods etc. If you want to know one of your friends and they have a Pinterest account, just spend some time with their Pinterest posts. You can even make boards or collections together. Did you know that you can send messages, jokes, recipes, crafting ideas and even just a message about dinner plans through the message portal? I love that feature. Now if I can only get more of my family to check their Pinterest messages. I’m sure that there are even more platforms out there that have a social media feature. If you know of one, feel free to shout out to us so we can check it out. So, Ta ta for now, Beth

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