Too Cool and Ready for School Digital Scrapbooking Freebie

Originally posted Sep 8, 2014   As we are really still in the getting the school supplies stage I thought it was still ok timing to get this out to you to use for back to school.  Enjoy, Ta, ta for now, Beth  Oh and I decided to make it a freebie for the rest of Aug, 2018.

I know that most of our kids/gkids have already started school, but I wanted to make a little kit to celebrate with them.  I heard that the one favorite thing new kindergarten and first graders were excited about to start the new year was their backpack.  Cute huh?  So I made a super fun and flashy backpack to add to this mini-kit.  Here is a peek.

I hope the pink straps won’t deter any of you from using it with our little boy’s pages too.  Feel free to add a touch of orange to the straps and there you go.  To do this, take the eye dropper tool and select the zipper-pull color.  Then use the paint bucket to fill in the straps.  Zoom WAAAAY in and make sure that you get all of the striped doodles filled in too.  Save the new backpack to your kit and there you go!  You have made your first element yourself.  Easy Peasy, Right?  YES!  Here is a peek at the whole kit:
You may recognize the colors from our most recent PixelScrapper Blog-Train, At the Fair.  This means that you should have a zillion papers and elements that match! (I did this on purpose lol).  There is nothing like having a new kit and gobbs of options to choose from.  So are you too cool and ready for school?  Do you know someone who is?  I hope you enjoy this kit then.  I have priced it at just 99c which should be affordable for the most of us. You can find this kit and lots of others, right HERE at Dezines2Amaze.  Browse around a bit and put a kit or two in your basket.  Most of them are free and the rest are well worth the money.  If you use it to make a cute layout, I would love to see it.  xoxox Thank you. Beth (Digital Cache’)


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